Tapas and Starters
Home bread 18 ₪
served with butter – whole wheat/white
Labane 31 ₪
with olive oil and za'atar
Wine leaves stuffed 34 ₪
with sour rice on a bed of labane
White Ikra 31 ₪
with cut up scallions
Diced beets 32 ₪
in vinaigrette, coriander and feta-cheese
Roasted Baladi eggplant 31 ₪
with tahini and tomatoes
fried cauliflower 38 ₪
on home tahini
Truffle soufflé 58 ₪
filled with goat cheese
Lentil salad 38 ₪
garden vegetables, coriander and pickled quail eggs
Italian caprese 54 ₪
Fresh cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and balsamic dressing
Pickled sardines 56 ₪
pickled quail eggs, onion and cherry tomatoes
Sashimi salmon 58 ₪
rice noodles and wakame seaweed
White fish ceviche 58 ₪
capers, peppers, pearl onions and aioli
Arancini risotto, salmon and cheeses on 48 ₪
cream yogurt and tomatoes
Carpaccio 56 ₪
beef fillet, olive oil, balsamic dressing, parmesan and micro basil
Liver pate 48 ₪
with onion jam served with toasts and melon salad with scallion
Lamb cigars 44 ₪
on halva yogurt
Beef spring roll 44 ₪
with peanuts
Meshowasha 45 ₪
Homemade humus 59 ₪
with meat served with whole wheat pitas
Itzik's platter
Pickled sardines, ikra, salmon, tuna salad 85 ₪
olives, pickled lemon, beets and cream cheese served with the bread of your choice
Chopped Israeli salad 48 ₪
cucumbers, tomatoes, radish, and parsley with a side of tahini
Fatush salad 58 ₪
liced vegetables with feta-cheese in herbs and olive oil, lemon, mint, oregano and sumac spice served with grilled whole wheat pita
Endive salad 62 ₪
Lettuces, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes and champagne mushrooms in coconut vinaigrette
Cesar salad 58 ₪
Lettuces, tomatoes, red onion, croutons, and sliced fried chicken breast with Cesar dressing
Grilled sea bream fillet 120 ₪
on plancha, pickled lemon, and roasted vegetables
Salmon fillet 110 ₪
in miso citrus, rice noodles and cucumber salad
Sea fish fillet 135 ₪
in olive butter and sage, wine leaves filled with sour rice and tomato salad
White fish kebob 96 ₪
on traditional slow cooked tomato sauce, coriander and focaccia
Red mullets 120 ₪
in turmeric crust deep fried
Whole striped bass 125 ₪
filled with herbs and a side of mashed potato and sweet potatoes
Angle' skewers 135 ₪
on the grill with a side of mashed potato and sweet potatoes, served with roasted vegetables
Hamburger 68 ₪
made with fine ground beef served with B.B.Q sauce, vegetables and French fries
Chicken breast 78 ₪
filled with peppers served with pashed potato and sweet potatoes
Beef fillet 155 ₪
marinated in red wine served with mashed potatoes
Pullet 75 ₪
in chili marinade served with rice and cucumber salad
Chicken kebob 68 ₪
in peanut butter dressing served with rice seasoned in pesto, herbs and chili
Shnitzel and French fries (children's mea 48 ₪
Shakes - 36 NIS
Gazebbo shake
melon, banana & pineapple, based on orange juice
Caribbean shake
mango, pineapple & passionfruit, based on orange juice
Bora bora shake
melon, banana & mango, based on orange juice
Fiji shake
strawberry, banana & passionfruit, based on water
Extra tequila/vodka/rum/arak to the shakes 20 ₪